Personal Digital Scale

This digital weighing scale has an entire surface can be completely and individually, also with a photo as alternative can be printed. It provides a high weighing accuracy thanks to integrated “four-channel technology”.

Personal Scale analog / Express

Known in childhood days – the classic analog scale. They work mechanically, without a battery and can be enhanced with a full-area individual print on the top. Even small quantities are immediately available – incl. individual print is available.

Kitchen Digital Scales

  • Illuminated display

  • Different units (net weight / milk / water)

  • Round or square form model

The multipurpose scales offer themselves as kitchen scales for baking and cooking, as well as a letter scale in the office and many other uses. They work on a replaceable battery, are individually wrapped in a shock-proof packaging and can optionally be supplied in a white or printed carton. The balance scale in various units – such as net weight, of milk …

Digital Weighing Scales For Letters

The digital scales works on a replaceable battery and are individually wrapped in a shock-proof packaging and can optionally be supplied in a white or printed color carton. The display light and the setting of the tara weight allows easy handling during weighing.

Digital Luggage Scale

This compact luggage scale can prevent unpleasant surprises and additional costs at the airport! The balance is due to their shape and design very easy to handle.

Goodnight Lamp

  • The “Good Night” lamp is customizable.

  • The screen can be fully printed.

  • Even the stand can be delivered in individual colors.

  • The “Good Night” lamp is always present and accompanies the children to sleep.


Enchanting Floor lamp – ideal for Kids shelf, the Children’s desk or the window bench in the nursery. Delicate colors and cheerful designs provide soothing mood.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall …” An everyday product in a new brilliance! Not only as apartment décor improvement but also as a decoration in the commercial sector or showcase and as a merchandising product.

T-Shirt-Shape Pillow

  • The jersey pillows are available fully customize individual design on both side surface of the pillow.

  • The pillow can also be customize in size and shape.

  • This T-shirt pillow will give the emotional connection to the customer or to the fans.

  • The T-Shirt-Shape pillow is will make charming completion to any sofa and sleeping area.

The jersey pillow is a perfect addition to bed, couch or on the road in the car. The individual design of the pillow in the shape, color and size, gives the product the special “kick” for cozy and quiet moments.

Pillow Case

Peaceful sleep and pleasant rest on a pillow that you deserve after a busy day. This moment can make even more beautiful by individually manufactured pillow cases as desired. The high quality will immediately feel at home and with increased pleasure.


  • The versatile cloth is a true fashion “must-have” for women and men and is already available from small quantity.

  • Your pareos be customized according to your needs from 100% cotton, in environmentally friendly handicraft finished.

Manyway usable Shawl. The pareo is more than a cloth. The ways of wearing are varied and versatile- For example generous tied around the neck, as a hammam or sauna towel, as cloth after sunbathing, as a scarf on a summer evening or as a towel on sunlounger. The pareos are from a very nice individual, handmade and environmentally friendly cotton.


To snuggle and cuddle to a nice cozy warm blanket and feel comfortable. Styled to complement our pillows we can make it in your own colors and logos quality blankets with 100% cotton. The blankets can be manufactured in various sizes and types, depending on your desire and taste.


Ein Wecker in nostalgischem Design mit absoluter Weckgarantie. Das robuste Metallgehäuse ist nach Pantone individuell herstellbar und das Zifferblatt kann nach Kundenvorlage frei gestaltet werden. Als Geschenk oder für den Verkauf kann man den Wecker mit einer weißen oder 4-farbig gestaltbaren Einzelkartonage erhalten. Mit einer Größe von 12,5 x 18 x 6 cm findet dieses persönliche Uhrwerk Platz auf jedem Schreibtisch, Ablage …


Bewegung tut gut und sorgt für gute Laune. Die kleine dekorative Kunststoff-Figur benötigt keine Batterien. Bereits ein paar Sonnenstrahlen oder das Licht einer Schreibtischlampe lassen die Figur lustig wackeln. Ob im Auto, im Büro oder Zuhause. Eine umfangreiche Auswahl verschiedener Wackelfiguren mit Solarpaneel steht Ihnen zur Verfügung.