Logo® Toaster PLUS

The toaster for the extra crisp taste – the Logo® Toaster PLUS! We are pleased to present another member of our Toaster family, the Logo® Toaster PLUS! Our customers have asked us about the possibility of roasting or heating buns and other bakery products. So we have developed a new model that combines the extensive design possibilities of the Logo® Toaster with …

Logo® Toaster Original

  • Quality that is proven for years

  • Basic model with the special effect

  • Your logo is burned on the toast

  • Colors and printing individually customized

  • Special color metallic effect available

Quality creates trust. Toaster remains as the classic among kitchen appliances. The Logo® toaster which we develop and created, which is known far beyond the borders of Germany and have an impressive quality and reliability. The special feature is the burn logo on the toast after each roasting. In addition to the burn logo, the housing, the base, the body, the lever, …

Sound Toaster®

  • Newest growth for Logo® Toaster Series

  • Custom logo is burned into the Toast

  • Majority of functions of all Logo® Toasters

  • Special colors in Pantone Color

  • Melody / sound is played when the toast is ready

With the Sound Toaster® we have actually managed to develop the highly acclaimed and known favorite product “Logo® Toaster” further and add a new innovative, patented function. After each toasting not only your internal logo appears on the toast, but the sounds your theme or jingle as audible advertisement and slices of freshly roasted toast bread available for consumption. This acoustic signal …

Logo® Toaster Metal

  • High-quality metal housing
  • More settings than the basic model
  • Your logo is burned in Toast
  • Color and printing individually individually customized
  • Special coating Chrome available
  • Embossing of your logo possible

We offer to the metal Toaster an alternative to the classic Logo® toaster as a luxury class. All features of Logo® toaster can be found in the metal toaster. There is also next to the colored variant also in chrome and a matted form. The advertising can be implemented glamorously also means a high-quality embossing. The embossing highlights your design and put …

Logo® Toaster Deluxe

  • Our toaster in luxury amenities

  • Custom logo is burned into the Toast

  • Multiple functions

  • Special coatings in Pantone color, chrome and embossing are possible

The Deluxe version of our chrome toaster stands out not only externally but also by the variety of operational functions.


  • Sandwiches in triangular or rectangular shape

  • Custom logo is burned into the sandwich toast

  • Multiple functions

  • Housing available in all Pantone colors

The intelligent evolution of Logo® Toasters, “the sandwich” for big appetites. The sandwich maker is burning the logo on the entire sandwich bread and gives your meal a special optical touch. A work of art is that particularly delicate designs can be implemented. Here, guests may also select between two different sandwich panels: the 4 of triangular and 2 square shaped plates. …

Waffle Iron

  • Waffle in pyramid or cube shape

  • Your logo will be baked into the waffle

  • Color and printing individually is customize and

  • Also International plugs is available

For the sweet moments we have the right product for you, “the waffle iron.” We have developed two different waffle structures for you: the pyramid and cube shape. Particularly to be notice is the leakage protection at the edge of the waffle plate. Enjoy the wonderful aroma and delicious taste of hot waffles.

Kitchen Digital Scales

  • Illuminated display

  • Different units (net weight / milk / water)

  • Round or square form model

The multipurpose scales offer themselves as kitchen scales for baking and cooking, as well as a letter scale in the office and many other uses. They work on a replaceable battery, are individually wrapped in a shock-proof packaging and can optionally be supplied in a white or printed carton. The balance scale in various units – such as net weight, of milk …


  • Concealed heating element

  • 1.7 liter capacity

  • Lid with safety slide

  • Color and printing individually adaptable

  • Removable and washable filter

Another milestone for ARI extensive research and development, we are pleased to present you a brand new product in the promotional products sector: personalized kettle. The kettle has a concealed heating element, a removable and washable scale filter and of courses a water level indicator. Particularly useful is the 360 ° base with cord storage, the locked lid and the auto stop …

Coffee Machine

  • Non-slip rubber grip

  • 1.6 l for about 10 cups

  • Tested safety (GS)

  • Color and printing individually adaptable

Equipped with a glass jug with non-slip rubber grip and hinged lid, drip will automatically stop once can is taken form the hot plate and a removable filter carrier available, a hot plate, an indicator light and a capacity of 1.6 l for about 10 cups, the coffee machine can handle any challenge.

Popcorn Maker “Professional”

  • Poppcorn like the movies

  • Pure nostalgia

The fun munch of corn is also popular with increasing popularity. With the high-end professional device, you can quickly pop the corns in a larger amount. The device is suitable for parties and smaller events. With a size of about 32.0 cm x 31.5 cm x 49.0 cm, the device is still easy to transport. For the preparation, oil is needed to …

Popcorn Maker – Classic, small Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a very popular, at home on the sofa or couch, during movie night it is a must. For home use, ideal is the smallest of our Popcorn Maker. Here the preparation oil is needed. In design of a classic small household appliance allows this Popcorn Maker “classic” can be available in the kitchen at all times. The size here is …

Popcorn Maker Nostalgia with 2 wheels

The nostalgic version of Popcorn Makers 2 wheel engages in the design of a street sale in miniature form. The size is, as opposed to a booth, here only approximately 24.0 cm x 19.5 cm x 39.5 cm

Popcorn Maker Nostalgia with 4 wheels

This machine also produces popcorn in a nostalgic look. This model is, in contrast to the device with 2 wheels, with about 39.0 cm x 25.0 cm x 38.0 cm the largest of our small popcorn maker for advertising purposes.

Popcorn Maker Nostalgia without wheels

This little booth in the retro look is about 0.7 kg, the lightweight among our portable small appliances for popcorn production. The dimensions of this little machine will be approximately 23.0 cm x 21.2 cm x 37.5 cm.

Popcorn Maker Football

The special design of the popcorn maker in football design makes any football party for a special event. Inviting your friends at the next football game will provide you with our “Football Popcorn” a very special snack! The Popcorn Marker device has a format of approximately 20.0 cm x 20.0 cm x 29.0 cm. Again, the preparation is calorie conscious, no additional …