Beach Sandals

Im Sommer am Strand oder das ganze Jahr im Sportbereich, die Badeschuhe sind ein wichtiger Begleiter in unserem Alltag. Die Badeschuhe lassen sich durch Form, Farbe und verschiedenste Materialien zu einem ganz individuellen Produkt kombinieren. Die Sensation bei unseren Badeschuhen ist die Möglichkeit eines eigenen Stanzmotivs auf der Unterseite der Sohle. So können Sie einen persönlichen Eindruck im Sand hinterlassen. Badeschuh SohlenstärkeSie …

Beach Sandals on Board

More than just a technicality of a board on to be personalized, a pair of beach sandals and a matching key chains are cut to be made. The combination makes the product a high-quality gift in exceptional shape. Here we can customize that designs of the beach sandals too.

Standard Beach Sandals – Express Goods (Warehouse Stocks)

A selection of beach sandals in black, yellow, red, white, dark blue and light blue color, and the usual sizes that is available in stock is 48 hours Express Service delivery. Beach Sandals with print is available within 2 weeks.

Ariletten Slippers

Whether as a slipper, on the beach or at the swimming pool area, the Arilette slipper is comfortable to wear and offers plenty of space for your logo!


The espadrille sandal is always chic

Timeless and always current shoe fashion

Straps are designed according to customer base color, logo print or embroidery

Combination of different materials (Textilriemchen, Jutesohle, rubber sole)

“Keeping up” and thereby be good “on the go” – that’s the motto. With the new lightweight and comfortable portable sandals you reach the customers and any other destination. Combinations of choices that varied and different materials in different grades, the free color combinations and finishing options make the sandals a special accessory.  


The modern clogs are always good and stylish on the way. The non-slip sole and the perfect fit ensure a good grip. The current retro design make the sidewalk to catwalk.


The Sneakies® are timeless, modern, wearable anywhere and knowns no age or gender. Your logo is everywhere: whether on the flap or on the rubber side of the footwear or as a special highlight on the outsole. The transparent sole gives your logo to see “step by step”.

Sneakies with light

With this innovative trend shoe with LED lighting in different colors. You will be the head turner at every party you attend. The shoes are available in various designs and sizes. With the USB port, the LED battery light can be charged and the Sneakies is quick and ready for use. The desired illumination can be adjusted personally by just a switch. …

Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are not only a useful product from rain and storm. They have also become an important part of fashion. Our high quality and colorful custom rubber boots with high comfort wearing and convenience, providing as your advertising message. The individuality has no limits. Even the soles of rubber boots can be made in the color you want.

Rubber Slipper

Die Slipper sind in jeder individuellen Wunschfarbe herstellbar.

Die Slipper sind in allen gängigen Damen- und Herrengrößen erhältlich.

Die innere Neoprenbeschichtung macht den Slipper wasserundurchlässig.

Die Slipper können bedruckt und/oder mit einem Rubber-Patch versehen werden.

Der Gummizug gewährleistet einen hohen Tragekomfort.

Die Untersohle der Slipper ist rutschfest und langlebig.

The Rubber slippers are the new “must-have” line of footwear. They are characterized by a very nice quality and workmanship and are easy to put on without shoe laces.

Foldable Shoes

Our foldable shoes are particularly space saver and welcome as a special “Gag”. Many models have a lot of varieties to design the packaging, transport bag and the shoes themselves. In addition to the choice of material, you can also choose the type of logo printing or embossing to be done.

High heels

There is hardly a piece of clothing that a woman very snug as high heels. Beautiful shoes therefore exert a great fascination for women and are an eye-catcher wherever you are wearing. We have the opportunity, make completely custom high heels. This quality, design, color, size, type of heel and luxury processing can be made and create in every way. Whether smooth …