Ihr Logo reist um die Welt.

Ein „prägendes“ Urlaubserlebnis. Innen wie außen individuell gestaltbar wird der Trolley zu einem unverzichtbaren Begleiter. Ihr Motiv kann auf der Vorderseite der Hartschale geprägt und/oder bedruckt werden. Der Trolley verfügt über einen dreistufigen versenkbaren Teleskopgriff, ein geräumiges Hauptfach mit Packgurt und ein zweites integriertes Fach, das mit Textilwand und Reißverschluss getrennt ist. Zur Sicherheit liefern wir den Trolley mit einem dreistelligen Codeschloss. Die Trolleys sind lieferbar in verschiedenen Grössen und individuellen Pantonefarben. Auch in geöffnetem Zustand verleiht der Innendruck auf dem Futteral Ihrer Werbebotschaft Ausdruck. Geben Sie Ihrem Lieblingskoffer eine persönliche und unverwechselbare Note.





Trolley small with allover printing

The trolleys / suitcases are in different sizes, materializes with different equipment interior and exterior designs. The small carry-on trolleys are ideal for the business trip, for a short weekend trip or simply time to travel.

Medium size trolley with allover printing.

The design has no limits. A simple screen printing on a cover, an offset printing on both sides of the trolley or embossing on the cover make the trolley an eye catcher and a popular gift or merchandising product.

Trolley large with allover

The trolleys / suitcases can be optionally combine with two and four wheels, a TSA lock, handle and stand. With a full-scale offset printing your advertisement can be lively delivered like billboards on the street. The suitcases are in different sizes from small hand luggage, average for a short break and very large for annual leave can be used always.

Trolley small embossed

Individual embossing on the cover Trolley is just an eye-catcher. For technical reasons, almost all logos / motives with embossing on the cover can be implemented.

Medium size trolley with embossing

The purposes of the case are so diverse. For example to secure packing of various products for presenting and selling in addition to sale product.

Trolley large embossed

Suitcase as packaging products for family outing or for easy transport on the road or up in the air – always find easy in everyday use. Suitcases are in different materials – whether delivered as hard-shell or in synthetic material.

Trolley Express

For quick decision and price-conscious customers, we have a series of express trolleys, which are available from stock. Of course you can choose your color of black, gray, white and dark blue and possible to have print areas and logos. Without Print can delivery within 48h possible!

Beauty Cases, square

The further development of Beauty case towards the cosmetics case with a lot of space and storage options for longer trips. And also can be seen and used by professional beauty experts! Many different combinations, compartments and modules that is very useful.

Beauty Case


All the secrets of a woman – securely packaged in a stylish piece of luggage, which is a must on every trip. With our trolleys and cosmetic kits that will create a travel set of individual design that represents your personal style.

Laptop Cases

The laptop case get more and more importance and find great use in business and in leisure. We offer shockproof and sturdy bags with different compartments for storing items. The laptop bags can be fully customize according to Pantone color and with a brilliant screen printing.


Who would not immediately remember the practical bags for the bike? As a practical enhancement for the trip, we offer you our trolley bags. The bags are pulled on the handle of the trolleys and facilitate the transport of additional baggage.

PU Trolley

Of course also the PU trolleys belonged to the family of trolleys, in addition to our shock-resistant ABS hard shells range with offset printing, screen printing and embossing. The soft, elegant version of the suitcase is available in different versions. The logo design here discreetly using metal plate on the front.