2-d-logo light

Make something special the night. We make your logo as a 2-dimensional logo light. The acrylic plate can be arranged according to your wishes and your logo is illuminated in different individually adjustable colours or as colourful colour curve. The foot with USB charging function serves as a power source and holder.

Custom-made USB

USB sticks are not an indispensable part of our daily lives. They are no longer just a practical storage medium but are represented by the possibility of individual shape and color design and as advertisement of a special kind. Your logo or your product can be made present and advertise to your customer.

USB Classic

USB sticks are practical companions in our new technological world. They help us store important data files, images, music, and recordings. We offer a wide variety of different USB sticks. We have almost infinite range of materials, sizes and designs are available. The USB sticks can be very effective advertising tool. Also in terms of capacity, one can choose to give a …

USB credit card format

A very popular and useful giveaway is the USB stick in the card design. With this special form, it can be placed in any wallet and is always at hand. The large printing area enables free design of your advertising message. This business card form USB can be used for example to send your customers to your online catalog, flyers, or other …

USB metal brushed

A high-quality and luxury design is the USB flash drive in a brushed metal look.

USB Bracelet

The fashionable option is the USB bracelet. The trendy data store on the wrist does not require any pocket and is always available immediately.

USB Leather

Those who prefer a classic design can choose a USB stick with leather upholstery look.

USB Fun color

Colorful and striking the USB versions are in colorful metallic appearance.

USB Keychain

Who likes to have his USB data storage on a keychain, will certainly choose for this USB model. By attaching the USB key on its own keyring is a small, powerful storage medium cannot be misplaced or lost.

USB Office

The shapely “USB Office” combines elegant design with practical design. The smooth plastic surface is durable and stain-resistant. Furthermore it is handy and can have place almost anywhere. The USB stick can securely and safely attached to a keychain or lanyard. Provide with our various USB sticks that your confidential information cannot be lost.

USB Plastic

Whoever has a constant use of USB Stick will preferably choose the plastic surface. Practical, easy to clean and highly resistant, the data storage that you can take anywhere.

USB wood

Ecological sustainability influences our everyday lives increasingly. The USB stick in wooden material is very tradition and it is combine this with new technology. The combination of environmentally conscious packaging and functionality meets the highest demands. Each Nature lovers will be delighted of this unique design.

Vibrant Mousepad

  • Individual design and easy to used.

  • Thanks to connection to a USB port, no batteries required

Bright Mouse Pads. This “luminous” advancement of Mouse pads – it is the highlight and convinced each computer lovers by beautiful design, individual design and easy to used. Thanks to connection to a USB port no batteries are needed. The luminous Mouse pads can be customized with a multicolored silk screen.