Sound Toaster®

Sound Toaster®

With the Sound Toaster® we have actually managed to develop the highly acclaimed and known favorite product “Logo® Toaster” further and add a new innovative, patented function.

After each toasting not only your internal logo appears on the toast, but the sounds your theme or jingle as audible advertisement and slices of freshly roasted toast bread available for consumption. This acoustic signal may consist of a theme song, a text, a sound or any other phonetic form.

Here are some sound samples:



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Item: Sound Toaster
Item number: KG1002
Material: Gehäuse in Kunststoff, Röstvorrichtung in Metall
HS Code: 8516 7200 000
Packaging: einzeln verpackt im Polybag, Styropor und weißer Umkarton;

integrierter Stecker,
1 – 6 Stufenschaltung,
2 Schächte für je eine Toastscheibe,
leuchtender Betriebs- und Stoppknopf,
herausnehmbare Krümelauffangschale
Ihr eigener Sound kann gespeichert werden

Technical specifications: 230 V ~ 50 Hz / 750-800 W
Weight: ca. 1,6 kg
Minimum order quantity: 300 Stück