Trolley Cover

  • The cover is elastic and fits well in every trolley.

  • The sizes and the quality of the cover can be implemented individually according to customer requirements. Attractive and simply beautiful.

As it goes on a journey and it is the matching “chick” for each trolley, which simultaneously protects your belongings. The trolleys are easily identifiable and nothing will be lost. Through corresponding recesses for the telescope handle and the wheels and optional snaps of zippers easy handling is rest assured.

Digital Luggage Scale

This compact luggage scale can prevent unpleasant surprises and additional costs at the airport! The balance is due to their shape and design very easy to handle.

Luggage Belts

To ensure that your trolley can be easily recognized and protected while traveling, you can rely on our product range. We also offer various products that are indispensable to any trip. Strap on your own property, so that it is safe from loss. We offer more products that guarantees your full mobility.

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are cheap and practical companion when it comes to mark your belongings while traveling. With the luggage tag you are marking your luggage and will be protected from loss. The luggage tags are available in plastic or metal version, but also in quality Rubber or leather. Depending on the material of the luggage tag with an offset or screen printing …

Eye Mask/ Sleep Mask

Our eye/sleep masks are made of cotton or silk that offer comfortable sleep. The high quality material of the eye/sleep masks it can be wear very pleasant and easy. They can be freely designed and with multicolored silk screen printing. Your ideal travelling companion that guaranty a restful sleep.

Belt Bag

The front pocket provides a large and two medium-large interior pocket compartments and many separate smaller compartments for cards and other things needed on the way.

Neck Pouch

The pouches guarantees safety and protection on the way. With different sizes of pockets it will keep your things nicely organized.

Wrist Bag

The Wrist Bag is a practical accessory for traveling, which kept safe with a slide-in and a zipper for your valuables.

Ski Holder with velcro

This practical velcro fastener keeps their skis together securely, either on the way to the ski track/slopes, for travel or for storage. The ski holder is available in several standard colors and a can printed on one side is possible.