The intelligent evolution of Logo® Toasters, “the sandwich” for big appetites. The sandwich maker is burning the logo on the entire sandwich bread and gives your meal a special optical touch. A work of art is that particularly delicate designs can be implemented. Here, guests may also select between two different sandwich panels: the 4 of triangular and 2 square shaped plates. Of course, the housing is also colored individually, like also different colored tops and bottoms.


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Item: Sandwich Maker
Item number: KG1005
Material: außen Metallgehäuse,Antihaft-Beschichtung derInnenplatten
HS Code: 8516 7200 000
Packaging: einzeln verpackt im Polybag, Styropor und weißer Umkarton,

integrierter Stecker mit Kabelaufwicklung,
zwei LED-Einheiten für Betriebs- und Temperaturanzeige (rot und grün),
feststellbarer Griff

Technical specifications: 230 V ~ 50 Hz / 1000 W
Weight: ca. 1,8 kg
Minimum order quantity: 100 Stück